Metas Masks

In assembling sets of images around key ideas – like home, safety, trust, fear, success, friendship, health, happiness – we are investigating our own personal languages around the concepts that give our lives meaning. We will soon collage these digital image files to create cyber ‘masks’ to represent each of us online – masks that reveal as much as they conceal, and which build aspects of identity even as they obscure others.

Here is the beginning of an image set of collage/mask influences and ideas from the art world and elsewhere… Please feel free to add or make comments!

Hannah Hoch:

“I wish to blur the firm boundaries which we self-certain people tend to delineate around all we can achieve.”

Sans Titre, 1920

Hannah Hoch worked mainly in collage, though she studied glass design and graphic arts, and worked in the handicrafts department at the publishing house Ullstein Verlag. She began making work in the Dada era and became an influential artist in the movement as World War I took shape and closed in Germany. An ardent proponent of women’s rights, she was the only female member of the Berlin Dada group, and her collages often point out differences between the womanly ideals put forward in advertisements and the reality of women’s lives. For more information on her work and life, look here: — the James Logan Courier is an award-winning blog written by highschool journalism students in Union City, CA with an extensive set of art resources.

Bourgeois Wedding Couple – Quarrel, 1919

The Bride, 1933

Love, 1920

Cut with the Kitchen Knife – Dada through the Last Weimar Beer Belly Cultural Epoch of Germany, 1919-20

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