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“Go on loving yourself, & in the end, your biggest fears become your biggest strengths =)”

May 15, 2010

A group of four Metas students wrote quotes and phrases, meant to teach us a life lesson. Reading the quotes and phrases outloud, to the rest of the metas group, I felt like I was being heard. Not just was I being heard, but so were those students who wrote it. All  these phrases were very touching and they were written for you to think about life’s surprises and life experiences. Some were very simple while others were a little bit longer, but they all spread the same message of being loved and enjoying the life you have. Most of the phrases shows the reality of life, and what many people think is important in life, and what is important in REALITY. One of the quotes that showed just that was, “Money can buy you everything, but everything turns into nothing if you don’t have the most important thing: LOVE <3.”