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May 15, 2010

Meditation is the key to inerpeace. Or so I’ve been told.As we were meditating i was taken to a place, my place, a place that is mine and mine alone. Without meditating i never would’ve found this place.  There I felt relaxed and i felt that i have found a place that i can go no matter how hard the times get. It is mine and mine alone so that i can change it to the way that makes me feel safe, the way that makes me feel relaxed, the way in which i feel that i found a place that i belong and stay for as long as i want.

This is my place. Anyone can just go there but I am the only one that can stay. I can go anywhere or do anything there and I can be myself no matter what. In my place of meditation i don’t need to be someone else or to act like someone else to fit in where i don’t want to. Meditating is the key to inerpeace, because inerpeace is when you are you. When you dont need to be anyone else. Where you tell you self who you want to be.

I have found myself.


February 20, 2010

…, obiously