Site-Seeing: MetaPuentes at Richmond Main Street Initiative


Curator Anyka Barber invited MetaPuentes to translate our work into window treatments for Richmond Main Street Initiative‘s storefront windows. From now until August 28, you can see banners of our work hanging at RMSI’s downtown offices at 1000 Macdonald Avenue. Where We’re From, an oral history/poetry collaboration between artist and author Summer Brenner and Community Works, working with students at Richmond and Kappa High Schools and their communities of elders, is also on view at 1002 Macdonald Avenue as a part of RMSI’s summer exhibition Site-Seeing.

Banners going up at Richmond Main Street Initiative

For this installation, we laser-cut vellum banners with reproductions of the doors we made for houses in Colima. We also reconfigured some of our project documentation to see whether the images and stories from Colima would translate to the downtown environment of Richmond, California. See what you think:

Banner: A friend picks you up...

Banner with Cruz Sanchez' story

Cruz Sachez banner detail

Installation open 24 hours a day at Richmond Main Street Initiative, 1000 Macdonald Avenue, Richmond, CA.

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